By |February 17th, 2010|

Not another song of sadness

Not another word of pain

No more rhymes of anger

No more speeches of hate

Can’t hear it anymore


Won’t listen to you

I can’t take your baggage

I won’t feel your pain

For I am love

The purest you’ll ever know


You can’t hurt me anymore

As long as there is a God above

I am surrounded by love

The purest you’ll […]


By |February 13th, 2010|

If this is not Goodbye

Then why is my heart

Shedding tears tonight


If this is not Goodbye

Then why does my body feel so numb


If this is not Goodbye

Why do my fingers

Tremble at your touch


If this is not Goodbye

Then tell me why is it I miss you so much


If this is not Goodbye

Then why does my body yearn […]

The Stupidest Thing

By |February 13th, 2010|

I done done it
I’ve done the stupidest thing
I let you play me for a fool
I just should have trust my guts
Which told me keep it simple stupid
Stay away
Don’t fall
I knew better and what did I do
I lied to myself too

Keep it Simple Stupid

By |January 26th, 2010|

I don’t need you to buy me a diamond ring

Or take me on a Cruise around the world

I just need your love

Your unfailing love

I just wanna be your girl


Hold me when I need to be held

I’m not asking much

Kiss me tenderly when I need those lips

I just wanna be touched


Listen to me

When I have to […]

Breathe into Me

By |January 26th, 2010|

I need you to hold me tonight

I need to feel as if everything is going to be alright

I need to know your love is true

I need to be with you


You must know this heart you hold in your soul

Is fragile

I need to know

Will you love me so?


Cause loving me will not be easy

There is so […]

The Dynamic Duo

By |January 17th, 2010|

(A poem for my brother Shane)


If today I had a choice to choose my

partner in crime

Replace you, not even, never

Not today, not this time


We complete each other like Marc Anthony

and Cleopatra

Bonnie and Clyde, Yin and Yang, hand

and foot

We are nothing without each other


What good is a song without a voice?

What good is a problem without […]