Praying for a Titus 2 Woman

By |June 9th, 2014|

Dear God, am I really suppose to do it alone?
Am I suppose to find my way on my own?
Where are the women who are supposed to be by my side?
Advising me, leading me, being my guide

Where are the women whose wisdom is strong?
Teaching me, shaping me, molding me along

Dear God, I’m not sure I’ve got […]


By |January 4th, 2012|

I’m overweight

I know

And I hate it


My body

I can’t stand to look at it


I’m overweight

I know

And I just can’t take it


It drives me crazy

When in the mirror I see

My belly fat looking back at me


I’m getting older and my body looks the part

I need a change, but where to start?


It’s hard to change this lifestyle

Living the […]

The Real Phenomenal Woman

By |January 4th, 2012|

Her worth is not determined by physical appearances

nor her beauty by the color of her skin

Her extraordinary loveliness shines through

An effervescent glow from within


What makes her phenomenal?

Is it the stride of her strut?

Is it the curve of her hips,

the shape of her booty or the size of her lips?


What makes her phenomenal?

God’s word discuss

She is […]

The Matriarch

By |January 4th, 2012|

All her life she walks strong

She fights and toil

She digs up soil


She plants good seeds

and watch them grow

Then she reaped what she sow


Her children, grand-children, great grand children

She has taught them how to love

How to trust in their Father above


From her, daughters have learnt to be mothers

And sons have learnt to be great men

who love […]

A Mother’s Garden

By |January 4th, 2012|

On her shelves, tables, mantels and walls

There you will find framed photographs, photo albums, scrapbooks,

trophies, medals, certificates, momentums of achievement,

boxes of pictures not yet framed or hung


Captured moments in the evolution of time

Weddings, Graduations, Birthday Parties, celebrations

and life’s simply joyful times


In drawers and storage rooms

Old report cards, artwork, homemade Mother’s day, Birthday, Christmas day and […]

8 P.M

By |January 4th, 2012|


8 P.M

I’ve been waiting for you

Dreaming about you all day

Thoughts of you have seen my through

Now the adults can play

The children are asleep finally

I can hear myself think


8 P.M

You are a good friend

You help keep me sane

Thoughts of you have seen me through

Now I can breathe again

During these noisy times,

my heart rate climbs

Now it can […]


By |January 3rd, 2012|


She is so beautiful and elegant

So fit and healthy

She is a wonderful wife

So intelligent and wealthy


She is a great mother

She never loses her patience

She always knows what to do in all situations


She is educated

And have brilliant conversations

She is not shy

She is confident and strong

She is wise

She is an inspiration


She is a leader

She stands up for […]

The Woman I’m Meant to Be

By |January 3rd, 2012|

Lord, help me be her

The woman I was always meant to be


Oh, how I see her

Clearly in front of me


She is so beautiful, confident and her spirit’s free

She is a helper of others

A mother of many


She has many children though not all by birth

She teaches them to put God first

and live a purpose filled life […]

Good Woman

By |January 25th, 2010|

Boy, you wouldn’t know a good woman

If she walked right up to you

And slap you in the face


A good woman is one who knows what she’s got

She knows you don’t have to look like

Halle to be hot


A good woman does not define herself by what she’s wearing

but better yet when she wears it, it’s a […]