Things to Remember When I’m Afraid

By |June 9th, 2014|

Once again another door has opened
Leaving me outside my comfort zone

Once again my mind is filled with fear,
Descending from my throne

But the thing I forget,
that I need to remember
I’m a daughter of the King

There is power piercing through my veins,
So let the victory bells ring

Sinners, they let their voices be heard
They represent the worst

So why […]

Did I Forget?

By |April 12th, 2013|

Did I forget

my kids are awesome

my husband is great

I am beautiful

if not too late


Still have my life

my life to live

so much to do

so much to give


Did I forget

the many ways I’m blessed

to focus on what’s good

and forget about the rest


Did I forget

I’ve got talent

there’s so much I could do

Lord, did I forget to look up

keep […]

I Am Courage

By |April 12th, 2013|

I am courage

because I am afraid

but despite my fear

I persevere


I am courage

because I dream

but despite my doubts

I try them out


I am courage

because I stand

despite my trembling legs

and shaky hands


I am courage

because I move forward

despite my temptation

to be a coward


I am courage

because I step up and step out

despite the fear inside me sprout


I am courage

because I […]

Strong Soldier

By |March 28th, 2013|

I wanna be a strong soldier in the grandest army on earth

and protecting this kingdom to be my main objective first


I wanna defeat the enemy with my sword and shield protection

And in this army of mighty warriors be in the top selection


I wanna be a mighty warrior

A force of which be reckon

Be ready for battle

Fight […]


By |January 9th, 2012|

If this is what I can accomplish

with the strength and courage I lack

I wonder the things I could do,

if I didn’t let fear hold me back


What if I no longer fed my fears and doubts?

Fed my faith instead

How much further would I be ahead


What dances I’d dance

What songs I’d sing

What poems I’d write

If I freed […]


By |January 6th, 2012|

I can never quite comprehend

How easy it comes to you

Evil monsters, scary monsters

How do you do the things you do?

As though life has no value


You take, you steal, you kill

Destruction of all that is good and beautiful is your will


You lie, you cheat, you burn

You take what you didn’t earn


It makes me cry

When people die

By […]


By |January 3rd, 2012|

If you ask me if I’d rather someone else do it

I’d say yes

If you ask me if I want to chicken out

I’d say yes

If you ask me if I want to runaway

I’d say yes

If you ask me if I’m scared out of my wits

I’d say yes

If you ask me if I want to rise above […]


By |January 3rd, 2012|

He stands in front of me

So big and so tall

The giant so mighty

And I so small


He’s heavily armed and ready for battle

While I have no steal weapons

I just look after the cattle


How can I defeat this mighty warrior?

I do not have any steal armor

What I do have however

is my Holy Savior


I have the armor of […]

Anxiety Knocks

By |January 3rd, 2012|

There was a time you use to be a regular part of me

Wherever I’d go, it’s you I’d see

I never felt safe with you around

You turned my whole world upside down


I’d pray everyday and ask God to send

You away from me, you’re not my friend

Still there you were, always taunting me

I still held on to […]

Standing Tall

By |February 27th, 2010|

Stand up tall

Face it all

The fears you have inside

The ones you try to hide

And all your fears to HIM confide

Pray for courage

Don’t runaway

Stand up and say

“I am strong today”

No looking back

At yesterday’s defeats

You are strength through the LORD

You are not weak

The cruel beast tells many lies

Believe in yourself, the power inside

Stand up tall,

Overcome it all

You […]