He is…

By |January 2nd, 2012|

He quotes me bible scripture

Whenever we talk

He tries to teach me, encourage me


He speaks positive things

And though our talks have been far and few between

He always makes sure they count for something

He doesn’t waste a moment

Our time together is precious

He knows that and values these moments

At age 13, we had “the talk”

Everything a 13 year […]


By |January 17th, 2010|

A leader, a teacher filled with love

These things are my definition of


A flashlight when the electricity goes out

The strength, the protector, the provider

This is what fatherhood is about


The man with the power in his hands to

shape the world in our heart

The thinker, the decision maker

He leads us to the right path

This is his part


He is […]