Impossible Dreams

By |November 8th, 2013|

I believe in impossible dreams

I believe in miracles too

I believe you can accomplish anything

I believe in you

I believe the sky is the limit

I believe the stars are in your reach

I believe life’s what you make it

So learn, so you can teach

Stand up tall, be the boss of your own destiny

All you need is already in […]


By |May 27th, 2013|

I think I could be an amazing woman

And do amazing things

I’ve been thinking

What if I was fearless

What adventure could that bring


Could I jump out of a plane?

Or go swimming with the sharks

Could I climb a mountain?

Go dancing after dark


Could I learn the salsa,

Meringue, mambo, flamenco

Could I run a marathon, go parasailing

Or taste escargot?



Could I fly […]

Good Morning, New Day

By |March 16th, 2013|

Good Morning, New Day


Good morning, new day

For me what do you have in store?

Does a new adventure await?

Something new to explore?


I welcome you new day

Now yesterday has passed

I wonder how I got here so fast


Seems back then I thought you’d never come

But here you are

Here I am

We dance a new dance to the rhythm of […]

Break Out

By |July 17th, 2012|

I wanna break free, break out, break through

God knows I can’t count the many things I wanna do


My dreams are so big, my heads about to pop

When I have to settle, my heart starts to drop


I wanna jump so high, I could touch the clouds

I wanna raise my voice, I wanna get loud


I wanna run, […]

Living on Paper

By |March 1st, 2012|

Living life in theory, visualizing who I want to be,

and writing about her, that’s easy


Living life in real-time

That’s the hard part.

Sometimes I don’t know where to start


On paper, I feel strength and confidence

I know what life’s about

I want that for real so badly

I wanna scream and shout


Make my paper scribbles and visualizations

more real to me

Make […]

I’ve Decided

By |February 29th, 2012|

I’ve decided to leave it all behind

I’ve decided I’m letting it go this time

I’ve decided I’m not taking old baggage with me

I’ve decided from stress and worry, I’ll flee


Life’s too short to waste a moment of it

That’s why I’m not gonna blow it

I’ve decided I want a life covered in love

I wanna bask in the […]

Little Nuggets of True Happiness

By |February 29th, 2012|

At this moment I feel complete

At this moment I can hear my heart beat

At this moment I feel blessed

A little nugget of true happiness


Dear Lord, help me preserve

this feeling in my heart wherever I go

So when times are rough and times are tough

And I’m feeling a bit low


I can hold on to my nugget of […]

Treasure Box

By |February 29th, 2012|

One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure

Isn’t that how the saying goes?

So what are your treasures?

What means the world to you?

What do you value most?


Is it the offspring from your womb?

The golden sun; the stars; the gleaming moon

Or is it the smell of morning dew,

that you most value?


Is it the money in your pocket,

Or the […]

A Birthday Poem

By |January 2nd, 2012|

To a very special person
on a very special day
May God bless you, protect you and guide you
I pray


May all your dreams be realized
and the desires of your heart be fulfilled
May you always know love, joy, happiness, success
May those things be God’s will


Reach for the stars
Spread your wings and soar
Fly so very high forever more


May your […]

I Have Changed the World

By |February 28th, 2010|

I have changed the world with my smile

My smile have made someone else smile

Whose smile made another person smile

And that other person’s smile has made even more people smile

My smile has created a ripple effect of many smiling people

I mean this world needs as many smiling people as it could get

to make it shine


I have […]