Impossible Dreams

By |November 8th, 2013|

I believe in impossible dreams

I believe in miracles too

I believe you can accomplish anything

I believe in you

I believe the sky is the limit

I believe the stars are in your reach

I believe life’s what you make it

So learn, so you can teach

Stand up tall, be the boss of your own destiny

All you need is already in […]

Break Out

By |July 17th, 2012|

I wanna break free, break out, break through

God knows I can’t count the many things I wanna do


My dreams are so big, my heads about to pop

When I have to settle, my heart starts to drop


I wanna jump so high, I could touch the clouds

I wanna raise my voice, I wanna get loud


I wanna run, […]

The Race

By |April 21st, 2012|

On your mark!

Get set!



Got to keep running

Haven’t reached the end yet

Can’t stop running until my destiny is met


But sometimes in this race

I get tired and weary

And some parts of this race is even a little bit scary

My knees are ready to fall

Don’t know if I’m gonna finish the race at all


I wanna keep going, keep […]

Living on Paper

By |March 1st, 2012|

Living life in theory, visualizing who I want to be,

and writing about her, that’s easy


Living life in real-time

That’s the hard part.

Sometimes I don’t know where to start


On paper, I feel strength and confidence

I know what life’s about

I want that for real so badly

I wanna scream and shout


Make my paper scribbles and visualizations

more real to me

Make […]

What Is a True Friend?

By |February 25th, 2012|

During this difficult time of my life

I expected you to have a bigger presence in this journey

Maybe my expectations were too high

Maybe I had no right to expect that


But noticing that you’re not around when I could really use a friend

Leads me to ask some questions

If I didn’t reach out to you,

Would you still reach […]


By |February 23rd, 2012|

The past is the past

That’s what the Word says

But I am still haunted by my yesterdays

Images of experiences past,

I still see them in my mind


They keep coming back to haunt me

Time after time

It’s like I can’t let go

The guilt follows me everywhere

I try to move forward

But yesterday’s images stir up my fear


It’s like the present […]

My Biggest Trial Yet

By |February 23rd, 2012|

This is the closest to heartbreak and despair I have ever been

I feel like a lost puppy or a headless chicken

I don’t know what to do

I don’t know what’s going to happen


I want to surrender, to give up

I feel like I’m backed into a wall

I did not put on my full armor like I was […]

I Surrender

By |February 22nd, 2012|

I raise my hands up

I reach out to you

No more trying to figure it out

No more wondering what to do


I surrender all

I surrender it all to you

My circumstance, my situation

I’ll trust in you to guide me to a resolution


I will take it moment by moment

One step at a time

Wait for your answers

In the right time


I […]


By |February 3rd, 2012|

I am running and I’m running

And it seems so close

But the closer I get

the further it goes


I am a restless soul

I desire to be free

Trying to reach

My inner destiny


I am reaching, and I’m reaching

And I’m grabbing too

Grabbing at the illusion in front of me

Trying so hard to be free


Trying to be down right perfect

But perfection […]


By |January 9th, 2012|

Lord, I know there is only so much one person could do

But am I really doing all I could do?

I know there is more out there to see

I know there is a bigger plan for me


Open my eyes, Lord

Let me see

What is your plan for me?


What is my purpose?

What can I do?

To make a difference

To […]